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/ Author Submissions

Thank you for thinking of TGH as the home for your book.


We trust you share our vision of authentic books with a positive and inspirational message and because of that, we look forward to possibly collaborating with you. 

As a Boutique Publishing House, TGH only works with a limited number of authors per year, and each book is carefully picked based on the content of the title and the author themselves.


It is of utmost importance to us that we work with like-minded authors who are high vibing, love-giving, and positive thinking as we believe that that, above all else,

that is what makes and sells great books. 


TGH has an open-door policy and as it stands we can look at all books that are submitted to us and offer feedback on your title as well as information on publishing should you wish to find out more. 

TGH International is the home of inspiration, creativity, and positive vibrations and we hope you decide to come on in. 

We ask that you prepare a one-page book proposal that includes; 

1. Synopsis of the proposed book

2. Short author bio

3. Any relevant website or video links

If you have a book idea then please submit it to

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