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Are you currently accepting submissions?

Yes! TGH is currently accepting submissions and book proposals.


What kind of books do you consider?

TGH first and foremost specializes in non-fiction books in the genre of self-help, spirituality, inspirational memoir and positive psychology, however, we also oversee poetry, children’s, and academic books under our other imprints.


Do you consider fiction titles?

Yes, however, the author needs to have a finished first draft manuscript and the subject matter needs to be inspirational in nature.


When does your next Author Programme begin?

Please contact us to find out more about our next author programme. Due to popularity, we aim to run this course twice per year. 

How long does your Author Programme last?

In total, our programme lasts one year giving our authors have six months to complete and refine their manuscript and six months to edit, design, and distribute their book.


What should I expect from your Author Program?

The program is made of six group coaching calls and six 1 to 1 mentoring meetings, all guiding you towards the successful completion of your manuscript. Once you have completed this six-month cycle you will have a further two months to make final changes before your book enters into production where you will be assigned a graphic designer and project manager.


What happens on the group coaching calls?

The six group sessions unfold as follows:


Session One: The 12 Principles of Spiritual Creativity

Session Two: The Different Types of Non-Fiction Books

Session Three: Different ways of Using Your Voice & Telling Your Story

Session Four: Writers Rehab Mid-Point Group Coaching

Session Five: Book Design Masterclass

Session Six: Book Marketing Masterclass


How long until my book will be available?

As long as you complete your manuscript on time and dedicate your focus to collaborating with our team of designers and editors, we aim to have book available within twelve months.


Do you provide a graphic design service?

Yes! All authors will receive a full graphic design service, including eBook design and typesetting of their manuscripts.

Do you provide an editing service?

Yes, however, as all books vary in length, this cost is not covered by TGH International. We offer an unbeaten price of £5 per 1000 words for proofreading and £10 per 1000 words for copy editing.


Who will own the copyright to my work?

You. The copyright stays with the author.


How much does it cost to work with TGH International?

Our Group Programme costs £2,500 and can be paid over six months if necessary.


Do you offer traditional book deals?

Yes, however, these are extremely competitive and are only offered in the Spring and Summer to suit or editorial calendar.


Who will print and distribute my book?

TGH International has various printing and distribution partners to meet our author’s needs including CPI International, Ingram, Lightening Source, and Amazon KDP.


Where will my book be available?

Your book will be available to over 39,000 book retailers online, including notable retailers Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble, The Book Depository, Booktopiaa, and Blackwells.


Will my book be available in book stores?

All titles will be available to book stores to order in should they choose to stock them. This is at the discretion of book store managers, buyers, and wholesalers.


Do You publish Children’s Books?

Yes. TGH international is proud to include inspirational children’s books in its title list.


Do You publish Academic-Text Books?

Yes, TGH international has an imprint specifically dedicated to academic textbooks written by college professors for university use.


Do you offer a marketing and PR service?

TGH international is first and foremost your book’s imprint, however, we do provide standard marketing for each title including a launch interview broadcast on our social media channels, Instagram & Facebook posts, promotional materials, and advertisements. For extended marketing and PR services, you will need to consult a private firm or agency.


Are there any legalities I need to consider?

Yes. You need to create an original piece of work that does not breach anybody else’s copyright or intellectual property without obtaining the necessary permission. Also, work that involves personal stories and the names and identities of living people must not breach any slander and liable laws and may require for those mentioned in your book to sign a permission waiver.

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