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Why TGH?

The Good House is dedicated to doing good, knowing that good things always occur when good people create them...that's why all of our books end up on the Amazon best-seller list, and our podcasts are frequently sponsored and collaborated with. 

We publish awesome inspirational books

We believe that everybody has a uniquely powerful purpose and writing your personal wisdom in a book ensures that you will leave your mark on the Universe and share your knowledge with the world.  The Good House is specially designed to combine all the benefits of having a publisher with the freedoms of self-publishing without compromising control, creativity or copyright. 

We understand the problem

In the past, publishing a book has been difficult as traditional publishers will rarely take a chance on a new voice or talent. Even worse, they sometimes take away creativity, control and copyright. Self-publishing companies aren’t great either as they often lack expertise in a particular field and are not concerned with the quality of their books.  Even if you decide to go at it alone, you’ll likely find that obtaining ISBNs and negotiating retail discounts is beyond your interest and expertise.

A place to create where everybody wins

We take pride in our authors retaining full creative control over their work without compromising their vision. Each author works closely with a professional team to ensure their book is a professional and true reflection of who they are. We are specifically dedicated to publishing inspirational titles and we only work with a small number of authors per year to ensure quality from the inside out. 

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Check out our unbeatable publishing process

We know that both traditional and self-publishing has it's issues so we have collected the best aspects of both and put them together to create a publishing process where everybody wins.

Why we're so good?

 Bespoke 1-1 Service

Our authors receive customised support no matter how far along they are. At every stage of book production, our authors can contact their mentor, editor, or designer. 

 Expert Mentoring 

We specialise in the field of well-being books and know the market better than anyone else. Our knowledge of wellbeing styles, formats and trends allow us to assist you in creating a book that is both current and unique.


 Limited Authors

Unlike self-publishing houses, we do not publish everything that comes our way because it’s equally important to us to work with great people as it is to publish great books. We carefully select individuals who share our values, ethos and quality. 


 Full Creative Control 

Our authors stay in creative control of their titles. From its content and tone to its look and feel, our authors are able to work alongside a professional team to produce a product that is an authentic expression of who they are. 

 Environmentally Friendly Worldwide Distribution 

Through updated and advanced technology, regular customised print runs of your title will be carried out to meet demand. This means that your book will never be out of stock and will never go out of print. This system spares you from the cost of printing books in large quantities and paying warehouse fees. 

 Generous Royalty Payments 

Other publishing routes result in the author receiving less than 10% of the book's profit after distribution charges, printing costs, customer returns and retailer fees are deducted. In fact, sometimes, Amazon alone can take 60% of your earnings. However, The Good House negotiates excellent rates with retailers so our authors get upto 50% on their retail price and don't have to pay for returned books. 


Our values guide

& direct us

By taking seriously our mission to do good, we are strongly and genuinely driven by our core values. 

We are committed to excellence

We live by integrity 

We foster fun, joy & positivity

We cultivate inclusivity 

We live in power & purpose

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Developed & run by inspirational authors

Sean Patrick [UK office]

Head of Multimedia & Design

Sean Patrick is a British-Irish broadcaster, researcher and award-winning author. His positive psychology research The Healthy Resilient Individual earned him his MSc in 2016 as his debut memoir That Guy Who Loves The Universe became a hit in both the UK and USA ultimately winning Best Book at the London Platinum Awards in 2018. He has been featured on BBC News and is currently working on multiple broadcast projects.

Karen Mills-Alston [LA office]

Head of Mentoring & Editorial

Karen Mills-Alston is an award winning author and Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner  (ALSP). She is the creator of the 10 Principles for A Life Worth Living Series and co-host of the podcast 22 Minutes of Transformation. Having worked in the wellbeing industry as a speaker, talent manager and in talent booking, she is a leading expert in  her field and unbeatable mind in well-being content.

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