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The New Wave
of Wellbeing.

We are dedicated to developing the gifts of individuals and enabling them to share their message generously with the world.

We do this through the books we publish, the podcasts we produce, and the events we deliver.

We are dedicated to transformation, growth and inclusivity, and most importantly being a beneficial presence on the planet.

Our mission is to inspire humanity because we believe every life has a special purpose...both on and off paper. 

Fundamentally designed with the authors' best interests in mind

By combining all of the advantages of having a publisher with the freedoms of publishing independently, we offer a revolutionary model that hits the sweet spot.

  • 1-1 Mentoring & Support

  • Professional Edit & Design

  • Worldwide Availability 

  • Full Creative Control

  • High Royalty Earnings 

  • No Upfront Costs for Printing & Stock

 Author Spotlight 

 Watch our best-selling author Michael Beckwith on Ellen 

Our best-selling titles

Work with us to create your book or produce your podcast

Expert assistance is available for developing and refining well-being books and for planning and producing limited podcast series. Furthermore, our cutting-edge distribution and syndication channels keep you in the drivers seat and allow you to retain all copyright over your work. 

For more information about our twelve and six month publishing programmes, please scroll down. 


 Our Signature Author Programme 

Find out more about our six and twelve month courses

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