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What is Hybrid-Publishing & Is It Right For You?

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Hybrid-Publishing is becoming more and more popular, even for famous named authors who wish to keep rights and creative control over their work.

If you have a great book, or book idea, and you don't want to enter the world of literary agents, back-and-forth negotiation of rights and be tied into a publishing contract that eats up your royalties then the hybrid model is one to consider embracing.

What is a Hybrid Publisher?

A hybrid publisher contains both elements of traditional and self-publishing. Various Hybrid Publishers do things differently and manage differing parts of the process for the author, however, the solid staple is that the author pays upfront fees but is compensated by receiving a higher amount of book royalties. In the case of TGH International, the author receives 100% of the income generated by the book.

What do you get from TGH that you get from a Traditional Publisher (and more)?

In many ways TGH International operates like a traditional publisher by assisting the author in all tasks associated with preparing their book for the market.

These include;

  • Professional Edit & Proofread

  • Professional Cover Design & Interior/ Typesetting Design

  • Creation of e-book

  • ISBN Assignment (Neilson Registered)

  • Imprint

  • Legal Deposit to necessary institutions (e.g British Library)

  • Dedicated Project Manager

  • Negotiation of Retail Discount

  • Connection with Wholesalers and Bookstores

  • Regular royalty payments for book sales

  • Press Release associated with Release

  • Social Media Promotion

  • Launch Interview & Promotion

However, further benefits from TGH International include;

  • A flexible agreement that keeps you and your book free

  • Ability to purchase copies of your book at cost-price

  • Creative control & input

  • Final say on Edit & Cover Design

  • 100% of all royalties generated from the title

  • Belonging to a brand that can help generate speaking gigs and appearances

  • Dedicated Mind, Body, Spirit Press & PR

  • Invitation to author events and retreats

There are benefits of a traditional publisher that TGH International does not offer, these include;

  • A financial publishing advance

  • Indefinite Management of the title

You keep all of your rights and freedoms

It's no secret that signing a traditional publishing deal will likely include clauses such as;

  • First refusal on all future work

  • Rights over the title for the authors lifetime (and then some)

  • Rights to any film, TV and merchandize opportunities

  • The ability to deem the book 'out-of-print' without regranting the author rights to seek another publisher

With, TGH International, your rights include;

  • Fully copyright and ownership of your title

  • The ability to take it to another publisher as and when you wish

  • No obligation to publish further titles with us

We give you full input at every stage of the process

We genuinely believe that you should love the book your publish and we do this by providing you with an in-house team of industry professionals that you get to work alongside to create all final elements of your book including the final manuscript, the cover design, the layout of your interior and creation of marketing materials.

We take care of the tasks you probably have no interest in

We understand that you will likely enjoy and want to be involved in the edit and design process of your book, however, we predict that you do not want to concern yourself with acquiring ISBN's, forming Imprints, legally depositing your book to the necessary institutions and submitting the final files to distributors. That's what we can do for you.

We offer a unbeaten royalty split

...because we don't take a penny of what your book earns. That's right. Not one penny. Every cent of the book's income is directly deposited to the author for the rest of their life. Your book simply becomes the gift that keeps on giving.

So the decision is really over to you and Hybrid-Publishing is not for everyone. You might just want to sell your book to a publisher and sit back and watch the money roll in, however, the grand old age of publishing is not what it used to be and there is no publishing house that will not expect for you to do the heavy lifting when it comes to marketing and promotion.


In conclusion, there really are both pros and cons to each model of publishing and it comes down to your own individual needs and wants for the book and the process.

If you wish to discuss this further, then book a publishing consultation with us now.


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