About us

That Guy's House Int'l is a world-leading expert in wellness books. We are a home for inspiration and creativity. It is our mission to develop the gifts of individuals and assist them in sharing their message generously with the world.

We do this through the books we publish, the podcasts we produce, and the events we deliver. 


We are dedicated to authenticity, inclusivity, transformation, and most importantly being a beneficial presence on the planet. Through these values, it is our assignment to grow global consciousness.


We are here to inspire humanity because we know that every life has a uniquely powerful purpose.


In 2017, spiritual author and entrepreneur Sean Patrick created That Guy's House to release his memoir That Guy Who Loves The Universe which went on to be an award-winning best-seller. Shortly afterward, Sean began to help other authors write and publish their books under the

That Guy's House imprint and the brand grew worldwide. 

In 2021, That Guy's House grew overseas from the UK to LA with the introduction of business partner and spiritual teacher Karen Mills-Alson coming on board as co-founder and CEO of the now TGH International.




in 2017, Sean Patrick founded the award-winning publishing company That Guy's House that went on to produce over 100 best-selling titles including publishing the Watkins Spiritual 100 teacher, Michael Beckwith.

Sean award-winning memoir That Guy Who Loves The Universe captured the hearts of readers upon its release in 2016 and its second edition went on to be awarded best-book at the Platinum Awards in London 2018.


 Sean's modern take on spiritual principles has made him a trailblazer and he has been featured on BBC & Sunday Times. He is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. 



In 2021, Karen Mills-Alston became the co-founder and CEO of That Guy's House Int'l.


Karen is an award-winning author, international speaker, Agape Licensed Practioner and serves as the Interim Dean of Agape University. 


Karen's debut title, 10 Principles for A Life Worth Living was recently awarded Best Book at the Platinum Awards in London, 2019.


Karen has worked with countless clients, guiding them to discover and activate their highest purpose.